Getting used to it, Orgullo Mundial, Barcelona yes please

The first half of this post is nothing but text, and the second half of this post is nothing but pictures (without any sort of transition in the middle).

So I knew that I’d have some trouble with culture shock. I figured that I would miss my country so much and that the change of customs would be overwhelming.

Partially correct? I think that culture shock is a bit of a misnomer (at least in my experience). It definitely isn’t that shocking like getting submerged into ice water. I expected much, much worse.

I have found that it is more of just a passive longing for my family and friends. It sits at the back of my mind and I’m constantly reminded of them. I see my sister in all of the hippy shirts with cool elephant prints and Hamsa hands; my parents in all of the mothers and fathers that keep their children close on the metro; my boyfriend in every couple that is making out in really any given public area. The gnawing sensation that I don’t fit in quite right with this group constantly reminds me of my friends back home.

Sitting on the train coming back from Barcelona this morning, however, I realized that I was already past the lowest point. I’m getting used to this much quicker than I anticipated.

I cope by listening to music (reminding me of all the times I shared with people listening to it) and using FaceTime and services like it to talk to the ones I love. It works wonders.

Really the thing that I anticipate struggling with most is trying to get along with this new group of people. It’s not that they aren’t right for me, but rather simply that they’re different and new to me. I’ll try my best not to fit in but rather be myself and gain acceptance.

Picture time!

Feliz orgullo! En el capital de España, Madrid
Capital of Madrid with Pride!
Capital of Madrid with Pride!

Celebramos orgullo en Madrid con muchísísimas personas. La población de la ciudad doble literalmente.

¡Ahora puedo decir que he celebrado en otro continente! Uno más cercano a mi meta.

Pero fuimos a Madrid más que una vez:

El Parque del Retiro
El Parque del Retiro
Random pretty building
Random pretty building

Honestamente, todos los edificios aquí son bellos. No me puedo creer.

A week after Madrid, we went to Valencia!

By the Mediterranean Sea
Candid shot, I swear

And then we went to Barcelona…

La Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
View of Barcelona from Park Guell
View of Barcelona from Park Guell
La Casa de Picasso
La Casa de Picasso in Barcelona

It goes without saying that I’m pretty tired right now, but I had an amazing weekend filled with awesome sights with Rachel, Anthony and Amanda.

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