Originality, Primaries, y Hablando en Voz Alta

Cute little fact: I’m the first GEF to maintain a consistently bilingual blog.

Terrifying realization: People are actually reading this.

I really, really enjoy blogging now. Even though I haven’t even studied abroad yet, the Global Engagement Fellowship is already giving me invaluable things: the ability to voice my opinion and validation that it does, in fact, count.

I’ve been a pretty quiet person since middle school, and I tend to be overpowered by my loud relatives from both sides of my family (I love them). School has taught me to fear being incorrect with intimidating red F’s looming in the part of my brain dedicated to worrying anxiously about uncertainty, so I learned to unquestionably follow whatever was spoon-fed to me. Consequently, it’s difficult for me to make my point in conversation.

But here is different.

I have ample time to collect my thoughts, form my opinions, and come up with something original. There are no loud voices drowning me out or forcing me to submit to their own opinion.

Speaking of loud voices, have you voted for Trump yet?

But did not do laundry
I did my civic duty and drove back to Edmond on Super Tuesday to vote in the presidential primaries! I probably wouldn’t have gone if it weren’t for my friend Rachel pestering me endlessly to participate. So when I finally went, I wasn’t aware that they had voters separate into two lines of republicans and democrats including independents (apparently the others didn’t know as well). I got in line and began chatting with this super cute little old lady, and that’s when the lady volunteering at the desk said that the lines were separated. A total of 4 of us separated from the line to move to the other. La ancianita looked at me as if I had stabbed her in the back. Sorry miss, you were chatting up a democrat.
I must say that I’m very surprised and proud of Oklahoma for choosing Bernie Sanders and not Donald Trump!

As seen in Nashville, TN
Maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised, considering that during my vacation over spring break, I saw a lot more Trump supporters and advertisements in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana than in OK.

I’ve heard many different predictions about the possible consequences of such a man being the president.

Only possibility is that he will polarize the republican party beyond the political glue which binds them.

Personally, I believe that foreign relations will be hit hardest as a consequence of him winning. Our president must actually visit other politically close countries such as Germany and be taken seriously. I hope beyond hope that this is still just a publicity stunt for the man.

En el mismo tema, a mi me gustaría hablar sobre platicar en voz alta. Es BASTANTE difícil para mi, entonces trato de practicar con mi amigo uruguayo se llama Ignacio. Sin embargo, es tan molesto cuando no puedo comprender la oración entera porque las palabras distintas se mezclan.

Tengo una conversación con una pareja de Colombia en unas horas, así ojala que pueda entenderla.

Aunque trataré de hacer lo mejor posible, acepto que hay una posibilidad de no recibir un A en esa clase. Tengo que darme cuenta que las notas no son lo más importante. Con tal de que yo aprenda el lenguaje enteramente, estoy contento.

No vale la pena para siempre preocuparse sobre que los demás piensan o que notas se recibe, solo que se logre la felicidad.


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