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I’ve been rather politically active the past several weeks due to the onslaught of horrifying policies which have been passed under the Trump administration.

Reflecting back on the past couple of months, I realize that I must have had some small sliver of hope that our President would not have acted on his word as most politicians tend to do. Sadly that is not the case. Trump is as active as ever, yet it doesn’t seem that every decision he makes is always well-informed. How much strategizing he makes on each action appears to be minimal. He is consistent, however, when it comes to choosing policy makers with little to no experience.

Continuing this reflection, I realize that I was rather indifferent to politics. Until November, I didn’t check the news as much or really have much of an opinion at all. I was in a comfortable equilibrium like a rock balancing on a point. I fell neither to the left nor right, but this last election was that light breeze necessary to push me over.

I think that might have been the case for many other people as well, but the direction in which that breeze blew was not always the same way.

The US Capitol during the Women's March
The Capitol of Oklahoma during the Women’s March

I went to three demonstrations in the past two weeks starting with the women’s march on the Oklahoma state capitol.

It was absolutely incredible! I was never in a crowd that was so well-mannered and put together. It really reflects the civility that our communities share when in the face of their tactless behavior. We shall only stoop as low when it is necessary to do so. I know that our communities can play dirty for the greater good.

No human being is illegal.
No human being is illegal.
Large crowds despite the cold!
Large crowds despite the cold!

No estoy seguro de lo que quiero decir por las otras partes de este puesto. Es increíble que fingir que los demás tengan la capacidad de actuar con tanta xenofobia. No pienso que es posible entender sus pensamientos.

Quizás yo sea tonto por sentir tanto orgullo, pero ¡he leído mi primera novela en español! Requiso mucha paciencia, pero fue bien interesante. La historia es sobre una mujer que tiene que elegir entre una vida lleno de pecado y la que explora el mundo sagrado. Tiene que trabajar como prostituta en suiza porque iba a gastar todo de su dinero mientras iba de vacaciones.

Quiero a mi amiga Cece porque me dio la motivación necesaria para completar y superar mis desafíos.

No tengo una clase de español este semestre, pero intento hacer planes para tomar cafe con mi profesora de español y leer muchos libros en el español.

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