The Problem with Fancy-Sounding Majors, El Baile de Latin, y Brunch

Mira este video.

There’s going to be an overarching theme with this blog post (and fun pictures) as there was with my most recent one which was about voicing one’s opinion, but this one might be a bit more in-your-face about it.

I’m an astrophysics major and have found that, on the whole, telling people my actual major adversely affects me.

There are several interesting possibilities which can occur which reveal much about their personality:

1. They immediately start playing defense–I have interpreted this to mean that they become insecure and don’t wish to talk to me.

This is the least desirable option, as I would love to continue chatting with and getting to know you. Please, please don’t assume that I am some arrogant smartypants that thinks you’re an idiot. For these kinds of people, I want to pound into their heads to kindly remind that certain types of intelligence play much more than others into everyday life. In all reality, I’m likely in awe by their ability to communicate effectively without first reciting what to say in their head. Calculus may come (relatively) easily to me, but double integrals in polar coordinates won’t help me barter and avoid being swindled.

More often than not, I have been unsuccessful in bringing them back to being comfortable enough to maintain a conversation.

2. They put me down–I have interpreted this to mean that I intimidate them and they want to maintain “power” in the conversation. Naturally, this approach makes me feel defensive, but this is probably not the kind of person that I wish to chat with. It’s not that I wish to maintain “power”  in the conversation, or (how I personally view) the ability to steer the conversation to new topics/interrupt without consequences/share his, her, their opinion without being questioned.

I wish to keep the power in equilibrium between us two, so for the people who must be the alpha, I allow them to say their spiel, let their words slide more or less off of me, and I move on.

3. They don’t care–this can range from complete apathy to a piqued interest. While indifference is not something that people generally wish to play towards, I have found that it’s better than the alternatives.

I have considered lying to them and saying a more general major such as Computer Science (something which I’m seriously considering).

Esta es la porción de mi post que no entiendes. 😉 Solo estoy bromeando–no me entiendo también.

The Bachata Masters condescend to us in order to teach us their craft.

El viernes asistí un evento del Latin Dance Club.

Fue INCREÍBLE. Lo disfruté mucho; tuve una noche muy linda. Nos enseñaron cómo bailar la Salsa y la Bachata (muy simplemente), y mi compañera de bailar Emily fue tan emocionada. Toda la noche estábamos chocando con otras parejas y recibiendo puñaladas de los tacones. No puedo esperar hasta que pueda hacerlo otra vez cuando voy a Argentina o España.

Wish iPhone’s live photo option worked here to show the colorful light show.

Quiero bailar cómo una persona tonta y parecerse estúpido a los demás–lo que describo es vivir.

Celebrábamos toda la noche hasta yo estuve sudoroso y cansado. Después, visitamos el Crossroads y nos quedamos en el LGBT Lounge para descansar por un ratico.

Based off of the quality of these pictures, can you tell that I don’t have an Instagram?

En un punto no parecido, quise que decir a ti ¡Feliz día de Pascua! Deseo que tengas un día se llena con chocolate.

Mi familia y yo tuvimos brunch en un restaurante se llama Cafe Kacao que sirve el desayuno y almuerzo guatemalteco y cafe deliciosisima.  Perdí en español (la

I am willing to kill someone if that is what it takes to learn how to cook los plátanos to perfection.

señorita fue hispanohablante) y recibí el cafe cubano. Hoy he estado comiendo muchas golosinas (hoy es Pascua, es normal empalagarse), así perdí el latte sin azúcar. Fue maravilloso, y ayudé a mi hermana beber el suyo.

Para comer, perdí el desayuno chapin. Yo desearía que fuera guatemalteco porque quiero comerlo todas las mañanas.  No hay palabras que existen que puedan describir mi amor para los plátanos.

Vi a un bebé que fue tan lindo, y dije “Aw, that baby’s almost a human!”

Mi padre dijo a mi “You shouldn’t have kids.”

No estoy seguro cómo mi tema es relatado a este parte del post, pero estoy seguro que hay una conexión.

¡¡¡Si tienes tiempo y eres estudiante de OU, ver la pelicula “Relatos Salvajes“!!! Tiene subtitulo, y es buenísima pero es una comedia de humor negro.


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